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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

By Tiffany Chau
Courier Staff Writer

With every generation, trending eccentricities appear among youth of all ages. Within the past few decades, interesting fads have made strong impressions on society. In the 70’s, glass eating competitions were held among college students. In the 80’s, women rocked large and voluminous hairstyles that were held in place with massive amounts of hairspray. From the 90s until now young men have sagged their pants, a practice that showcased the unique pattern of their boxers, and in some cases their buttocks. Nowadays, with the influx of technological innovation, the youth of this generation is graced with much freedom to express themselves in interesting ways. Through the wide reach of social media, ephemeral social trends have traveled across the internet with lightning speed.

Exploring the “YOLO-SWAG attitude”