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Sunday, September 28, 2014

By Shahira Mawlavizada
Courier Staff Writer

JLC: How many did you order at first?
Mr. P: We ordered about 1000.

JLC: How many chromebook covers have you sold?
Mr. P: So far, about eight hundred.

JLC: How many chromebook covers are left?
Mr. P: Two hundred

Friday, September 26, 2014

By Ryan San Diego
Courier Staff Writer


In James Logan High School, every generation always have a talent star/stars, which ever talent it may be, it can be; Dancing, singing, drawing and all other naturally gifted talents.

This is Taryn Reyes, a dancer, and one of the becoming star in James Logan High School for class 2019. Taryn has been automatically put into a Advance Dance and skipped beginning dance class and intermediate dance class for being what they believe expert dancer. Taryn knows plenty kind of dancing, Likewise, hiphop, popping, locking, tahitian, tap dancing and ballet.
By: Elijah Permito
Courier Staff Writer

The Maze Runner was released on September 19, 2014. It was originally published as a teen book on October 6, 2009 and later became a movie directed by Wes Ball. This movie became popular after the release of Divergent, another similar teen book with similar style and ideas. The Maze Runner received good reviews and positive feedback and is currently rated 7.7 out of 10. Many teens seemed to favor this movie and its creative, well thought out plot.

This movie stars Dylan O’brien a well known american actor. He’s more well known for playing the role of Stiles Stillinski in the well known t.v show Teen Wolf. Dylan O’brien plays the main actor, Thomas. In this movie Thomas is brought into a place called Glade, with no memories except of his name. Glade is populated by others of the same age, and is surrounded by a gigantic maze. In this maze are dangerous machines known as Grievers. Every once in a while people known as runners explore the maze. As days pass by Thomas is later put in situation where he chooses to explore the deep secrets of the maze or stay in Glade.
By Leilani Neal
Courier Staff Writer

A great date night movie that has been out in theaters for a little while and will soon be coming to DVD is the hit comedy, Let's Be Cops!

Let's Be Cops is a super funny movie to watch with a loved one or on a date. This movie will bring laughs that will make your stomach hurt and make you squeal in excitement as familiar faces of the great actors we know show up on screen.

A familiar beautiful face that we all know is the actress, Nina Doberv,(Elena Gilbert, The Vampire Diaries) who plays the role of Jossie (the main character's love interest, Damon Waynes Jr). Dobrev talks about how fun it is to be apart of the film! She compares the great carefree vibe of the set to her show, "whereas on the TVD set its so serious and bloody... It's so different from Let's Be Cops..."

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

By Jessica Esquibel
Courier Staff Writer

Are you looking for a club to join? Want to find a club where you will have many opportunities to get community service hours? Want to learn more about the Mexican culture and make some new friends? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then M.E.Ch.A. is your club!

Their meetings consist of planning things for future events during the school year, going on field trips, and working together to make a difference to the community. The club teaches leadership, self and group respect, and helps keep our education in focus.
By Amber McGee
Courier Staff Writer

If you’re looking for a relatively short book that has pirates, magic, assassins, and a few plot holes, this is the book for you.

The Assassin’s Curse is Cassandra Rose Clark’s first book, and for a debut novel it’s pretty good. The idea behind the book is solid and the summary captures interest from the very beginning. Unfortunately, the promises the summary makes are barely met during the course of the actual story.

Ananna is the daughter of a prominent pirate clan, and when she runs away from an arranged marriage the humiliated family of the groom sends an assassin after her. It’s a big overreaction in my opinion, but hey, pirates. Even they have a code of honor.

When she is cornered by the assassin in the desert, Ananna is forced to use magic that she earlier bought from a shady street vendor. While her mom is well versed in magic Ananna is not, and in the midst of her casting something goes wrong. She does manage to save herself from the attack, but after that night she ends up magically bound to the very man sent to kill her.
By Eli Permito
Courier Staff Writer

How does one become one become a international freestyling champion? Through hard work, hours of suffering and dedication. Jordan Burroughs received about 17 awards just for international freestyle wrestling. Not only is he a two time NCAA champion, he is a three time all american who qualified for the NCAA four times. Many young wrestlers look up to Jordan Burroughs as a role model and for guidance in search for success.

In high school Jordan Burroughs was ranked the 52nd senior in high school, which shows that hard work and persistence pays off. Not only did he struggle through high school, but he struggled through high school as well. Jordan suffered from many knee injuries and even broke his ankle during practice. Despite his injuries he still continued to wrestle. Through all this pain Jordan pushed and pursued his dream and reached success. He became one of the best wrestlers in this generation and is well known all around the world.

By Kyla Laquian
Courier Staff Writer

With an hour left of class to go, scrutinizing the clock, teenage girls across the world hungrily wait in anticipation for the final bell to ring; once it has rung, it is a daunting prospect, as all seem to simultaneously pull something out of their bags, and no, it is not a ticking time bomb with Mac Lip Stick attached to it; nor is it a hand grenade filled with the latest edition of explosives in "Revlon Compact Powder." It is a cell phone, and more specifically, a smart phone capable of the power to take a snapshot of the most striking and most potent weapon of all: themselves.

The reasons behind the new generation's obsession with "the selfie" and its relevance, however, is not just skin deep; our efficient yet stratified society pushes people to feel they must live up to a higher standard, and selfies help a person feel they are meeting that standard. Selfies also help an individual compensate for any insecurities they may have, and in this technologically fast paced society we now live in, selfies are a means of more personalized connection with friends and family, where the virtual world is now one in the same as the natural world.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

By Abdullah Ayyaz
Courier Staff Writer

Mobile apps are a privacy nightmare. Some apps are constantly connected to the internet and can upload your personal data such as your private photos, or documents to a random remote server without your knowledge. Does any of this concern us?

Every time you install an Android app, you’re asked to accept the app’s access to certain parts of your phone. You might see this, for example: (Image 1)

These apps seem to be getting greedy day by day. For example, why would the weather Channel app need access to your device and call information? Why would it need to know if WiFi is enabled and the names of all nearby WiFi devices?
Logan High School freshman Irfaan Ali was questioned about having concern on these specific problems, he commented “No not all, we don’t care about these issues. None of us ever realize it, and I would totally ignore.”

Sunday, September 14, 2014

By Leilani Neal
Courier Staff Writer


Let’s welcome to the scene the amazing K Flay! She is a music artist that has taken the world by storm, one person at a time. With over 1 million followers on SoundCloud, and getting nearly 100,000 plays after just a few hours of the song going up, K Flay is a focus to be reckoned with.

With having the great opportunity to work with K Flay, twice, on her music videos I have noticed that she is as amazing as the music she makes, “Her music is so relatable… Every time I find out that I’m going to be directing one of her music videos I squeal like a little girl” (Ben Fee, Creative Director). As I have gotten chance to work with both K Flay and Ben, I couldn’t help but feel the same way about this artist. K Flay is an extraordinary woman, she believes that in order to get what you want you have to, “Work, work, work… and when you think you’re done, work some more!” I feel truly honored to have gotten a chance to work with K Flay and share her music with the great people at Logan!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

by Sarah Bellal
Courier Staff Writer


It's that time of the year again. No, not prom, it's time for college applications. Colleges in the United States receive more applications from Californian students than any other state (Best, Brightest and Rejected: Elite Colleges Turn Away Up to 95%), and James Logan is one of the biggest schools in California, making us a natural target for college admissions officers to visit and showcase their schools to in hopes of garnering more applicants.

Starting this week, universities from around the country will be having presentations in the Logan Career Center, Library, and Little Theater. The presentations are open to all Logan students, but mainly focused on providing information to seniors, many of whom have already begun the college application process.

The visits include many returning presenters from last year, like the University of Chicago and the University of California, San Diego, and several newcomers as well, including Northwestern University and University of the Pacific.
By Anne Marie Bonifacio
Courier Staff Writer


After three consecutive years of below-normal rainfall, California faces its most severe drought emergency in decades. As of August 14th, 82% of the United States is in “extreme” to “exceptional” drought, which, according to the U.S Drought Monitor, are the two worst categories to be in.

Governor Jerry Brown has been threatening to have mandatory water rationing, if we fail to cut down our water use by 20%. The drought caused us the largest water loss in the states history, causing us to lose approximately 63 trillion gallons of groundwater so far.

The New Haven Unified School district has acted toward this drought by cutting down their water usage by 20%. “We have a dedicated person who tracks our water usage through billing,” John Mattos mentioned, “any unforeseen increase in cost is investigated and addressed immediately.” Mr.Mattos also expressed how serious of a concern the drought is to the New Haven Unified School District, expressing that we should be “responsible water consumers within our community.”
By Amma Prempeh
Courier Staff Writer


The 2014- 2015 school year will mark the beginning of Logan’s subscription to
Turnitin, a program already being used by 10,000-plus academic institutions worldwide.

Turnitin is a cloud-based service with online grading, peer review, and submission functions. Turnitin is most famous for its “Originality Check” feature. The feature is designed to catch plagiarism in student writing, by
comparing submitted essays against a database composed of billions of webpages, student essays, and academic articles. The assignment is then given an “originality score” that shows how much of the work may be plagiarized.

Logan has been considering a subscription to Turnitin since last year. In an interview in May, 2014, Principal Amy McNamara highlighted the reasons Logan was in favor of a subscription (Logan Eye's Using Anti-Plagrism Service Turn-It-In). Vice Principal Abhi Brar cited strong support from the English, Foreign Language, and Social Sciences departments.
By Kyla Laquian
Courier Staff Writer


"Scientific knowledge is in perpetual evolution; it finds itself changed from one day to the next." said cognitive psychologist Jean Piaget .As the numbers of young, budding scientists are rapidly increasing, we find that our society is becoming blessed with new and profound scientific research, causing extreme technological advances that contribute to the betterment of our world. In following this goal, to create advancements through science, Project Lead the Way, the non -profit organization responsible for the introduction of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Program at thousands of primary and secondary schools throughout the country is producing the next generation of scientists and engineers in our society. According to the US Department of Commerce, it is estimated that jobs in STEM will increase by seventeen percent by the year 2018, and more than 1.2 million of these posts will remain vacant without enough qualified workers to fill them. STEM thus provides a new, unique, and effective educational model in schools to develop prospect STEM workers and recover this gap. Breaking away from the systematic model of our current education system, the STEM program is changing high school dynamics by giving students the opportunity to apply real world knowledge and skills in the classroom while encouraging more students to pursue careers in STEM and become leaders.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

By Megan Duenas
Co Editor in Chief


With the hustling and bustling of AP summer assignments that your cramming the day before school and the last minute hang outs with friends at the beach or your local Starbucks, everyone knows what season is approaching, school season. With the every changing colors of teenager’s hair and the new styles that flood the hallways, a new school season, is what we all yearn for, a breath of fresh air.

So forget last year’s dramas and the chaos and headaches, and take a deep breathe and see this year for what it should be, a new start. So make it whatever you want , try this new “ 90’s grunge style” or jump on the bandwagon of these music artist and internet sensations. Go and take all AP classes. Or go and take a nap during lunch (just kidding, I advise you otherwise). Go head to the cafeteria and try these new nachos with rice, beans, beef, tomatoes, peppers and olives. ( yes olives) Or bring a bag lunch filled with healthy snacks. Hit the library during lunch and study or hit the open gym for some pick up basketball games. Join as many clubs as you can fit in your day or make one of your own. I know it may sound cliché, but the choice is up to you, more than anyone else on how you want to remember these precious years of school.