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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

By: Megan Duenas
Co Editor in Chief

Dating back to 3 years ago, James Logan Courier, Logan's online newspaper has been expiriencing technical difficulties. Up until April of this year was when the major wave of obstacles plummeted the Courier. Following constant dilemmas with the website, we are gradually switching to In the meantime, we are moving all the archives to the new website, so please don't hesitate to follow us on our new journey to Wordpress.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

by Timothy Salcedo
Courier Staff Writer


On October 3rd Nintendo released Super Smash Brothers 3DS in the United States. Club Nintendo platinum members had a chance to play the demo a week earlier than everyone else in the world. The demo was limited to only a few modes within the game. A mode called “Smash” allowed the user to play battles against one to three other opponents, those other opponents may be your friends or CPU’s.
When the full game had released at October 3rd, the video game retailer GameStop held over two thousand midnight launches to celebrate the launch of Super Smash Bros. Gamestop held a tourneys in almost all of their retail stores. Locals in New York City were able to get the game four hours earlier before the midnight launch and Super Smash Bros. was able to be purchased in the Nintendo World Store in Rockfeller Center.
By Angelica Ann Castro
Courier Staff Writer

A student at James Logan High School slit attempted her wrists using a box cutter in the middle of the cafeteria during lunch. CSTs tried their best to grab the weapon out of her hands and get her to help immediately at our Health Center. The student is currently doing fine and will be supported by many programs from our school when she returns.

James Logan principal, Amy McNamara, was interviewed prior to this article and gave feedback on the issue. With the concern of the amount of students attending our school that also participated in the AP program, have shown an increase with the amount of children diagnosed with significant depression and stress issues. The challenge to be able to attend the top colleges for the best education which are only accepting a few, can also be an example of stressful variables for high school students.

Monday, October 06, 2014

by Tiffany Chau
Courier Staff Writer


The Umbrella Revolution began with the Occupy Central with Love and Peace, a civil disobedience organization led by Benny Tai, who started it on September 28. Tai organized a sit-in at Central, the city’s financial district. Major traffic arteries were blocked as police unsuccessfully attempted to disperse the protesters. Police launched large amounts of tear gas and pepper spray at peaceful protesters, only to attract thousands of additional people onto the streets. The harsh methods used by Hong Kong police received much criticism and disapproval from the public.

After Chinese authorities revoked the promised universal suffrage of 2017, thousands of angered Hong Kong citizens are currently protesting for democracy and political freedom. Beijing’s new decision which dictates that all chief executive candidates selected by Hong Kong citizens must be approved by a Beijing aligned committee has left countless Hong Kong citizens furious. Protesters have been using umbrellas to defend themselves against police tear gas and pepper spray. The umbrellas are being seen as a symbol of the pro-democracy and civil disobedience movement.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

by Tiffany Chau
Courier Staff Writer

Finding Me, by Michelle Knight, who appeared on the Dr. Phil show, is not just another book about spiritual rebirth or self discovery. Rather, it is a memoir about a woman’s courage, determination, and enduring prayers that gave her the strength to survive and to eventually overcome eleven unfathomable years of captivity.

Knight tells her readers to be aware of their surroundings, because anyone could be kidnapped at any time. In 2002, Knight was asking for directions at a family dollar store and accepted help from her friend’s father, Ariel Castro, who offered to drive her. Knight assumed that she could believe Castro, however that ounce of faith caused her to be imprisoned in Castro’s house for more than a decade. Eventually two other women, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus were also abducted until there were all discovered by the police in 2013.
by Mursal Asadulla
Courier Staff Writer


Just two days before the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, Apple released their new update. iOS 8 simplifies and enhances features already available with iOS 7, making the applications even more convenient. Apple has also allowed third-party developers to access main features such as the keyboard and camera, but until we see the results, we won't know how much control Apple provided these developers.

Apple has added new features to the Messages app to make it much better than before. There is now a details page from a button in the upper right of a text message that gives you more options. At the top of the Details page, you have contact information with buttons to call, start up Facetime, or look at that person's full contact information. You are also able to share your location so your friends know exactly where you are. You can also record your voice in Messages using the microphone button on the right; so you can for example, share music with a friend. You can also manage group messages better with the Do Not Disturb button, so you can temporarily mute group chats.
by Christian Aguilar
Courier Staff Writer


Finally, the Worlds group stage has ended. The final four teams from groups C and D are Cloud 9 (North America), OMG (China), Najin White Shield (Korea), and the sister team of the fan favorite Samsung Blue (Korea).

The last two matches are between Cloud 9 vs Samsung Blue and Najin White Shield vs OMG. As of right now North America’s hope is slowly disappearing due to C9 matched against Samsung Blue, a top tier Korean team. C9 was put in a similar position as TSM. Both C9 and TSM had the power to take the number one spot to secure their spot into the Semifinals due to them going against teams that they have a higher percentage of beating compared to the top Korean teams.
By Amber McGee
Courier Staff Writer

What does it take to make your own game? Brains? Creativity? A whole lot of people? Lucky for the James Logan Gaming Club, they have all of that and more.

Gaming Club is a new club started this year, advised by Mr. Mijares in room 502. What is Gaming Club? As club president Haruyuki Tachibana puts it, “Gaming Club is a community where we can all come together and have fun.”

Don’t be fooled though, there’s more to this club than just a gathering of people who like to watch 3D models run around and fight on screen. Earlier in the year Mr. Mijares received a challenge from an anonymous administrator; have the club create their own game by the end of the year. The request wasn’t specific, so for the time being it sounds like the plans are in for a tabletop type of game, but even that can prove to be difficult to get done.

So how do the people involved in the project feel? Opinions ranged from confident to unsure, but they all had one theme in common.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

By Shahira Mawlavizada
Courier Staff Writer

Stephanie Papas is a teacher at Logan and was instrumental in obtaining the Chromebook covers for the ICL or Institute of Community Leaders
JLC: How many did you order at first?
P: We ordered about 1000.

JLC: How many chromebook covers have you sold?
P: So far, about eight hundred.

JLC: How many chromebook covers are left?
P: Two hundred

Friday, September 26, 2014

By Ryan San Diego
Courier Staff Writer


In James Logan High School, every generation always have a talent star/stars, which ever talent it may be, it can be; Dancing, singing, drawing and all other naturally gifted talents.

This is Taryn Reyes, a dancer, and one of the becoming star in James Logan High School for class 2019. Taryn has been automatically put into a Advance Dance and skipped beginning dance class and intermediate dance class for being what they believe expert dancer. Taryn knows plenty kind of dancing, Likewise, hiphop, popping, locking, tahitian, tap dancing and ballet.
By: Elijah Permito
Courier Staff Writer

The Maze Runner was released on September 19, 2014. It was originally published as a teen book on October 6, 2009 and later became a movie directed by Wes Ball. This movie became popular after the release of Divergent, another similar teen book with similar style and ideas. The Maze Runner received good reviews and positive feedback and is currently rated 7.7 out of 10. Many teens seemed to favor this movie and its creative, well thought out plot.

This movie stars Dylan O’brien a well known american actor. He’s more well known for playing the role of Stiles Stillinski in the well known t.v show Teen Wolf. Dylan O’brien plays the main actor, Thomas. In this movie Thomas is brought into a place called Glade, with no memories except of his name. Glade is populated by others of the same age, and is surrounded by a gigantic maze. In this maze are dangerous machines known as Grievers. Every once in a while people known as runners explore the maze. As days pass by Thomas is later put in situation where he chooses to explore the deep secrets of the maze or stay in Glade.
By Leilani Neal
Courier Staff Writer

A great date night movie that has been out in theaters for a little while and will soon be coming to DVD is the hit comedy, Let's Be Cops!

Let's Be Cops is a super funny movie to watch with a loved one or on a date. This movie will bring laughs that will make your stomach hurt and make you squeal in excitement as familiar faces of the great actors we know show up on screen.

A familiar beautiful face that we all know is the actress, Nina Doberv,(Elena Gilbert, The Vampire Diaries) who plays the role of Jossie (the main character's love interest, Damon Waynes Jr). Dobrev talks about how fun it is to be apart of the film! She compares the great carefree vibe of the set to her show, "whereas on the TVD set its so serious and bloody... It's so different from Let's Be Cops..."

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

By Jessica Esquibel
Courier Staff Writer

Are you looking for a club to join? Want to find a club where you will have many opportunities to get community service hours? Want to learn more about the Mexican culture and make some new friends? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then M.E.Ch.A. is your club!

Their meetings consist of planning things for future events during the school year, going on field trips, and working together to make a difference to the community. The club teaches leadership, self and group respect, and helps keep our education in focus.
By Amber McGee
Courier Staff Writer

If you’re looking for a relatively short book that has pirates, magic, assassins, and a few plot holes, this is the book for you.

The Assassin’s Curse is Cassandra Rose Clark’s first book, and for a debut novel it’s pretty good. The idea behind the book is solid and the summary captures interest from the very beginning. Unfortunately, the promises the summary makes are barely met during the course of the actual story.

Ananna is the daughter of a prominent pirate clan, and when she runs away from an arranged marriage the humiliated family of the groom sends an assassin after her. It’s a big overreaction in my opinion, but hey, pirates. Even they have a code of honor.

When she is cornered by the assassin in the desert, Ananna is forced to use magic that she earlier bought from a shady street vendor. While her mom is well versed in magic Ananna is not, and in the midst of her casting something goes wrong. She does manage to save herself from the attack, but after that night she ends up magically bound to the very man sent to kill her.
By Eli Permito
Courier Staff Writer

How does one become one become a international freestyling champion? Through hard work, hours of suffering and dedication. Jordan Burroughs received about 17 awards just for international freestyle wrestling. Not only is he a two time NCAA champion, he is a three time all american who qualified for the NCAA four times. Many young wrestlers look up to Jordan Burroughs as a role model and for guidance in search for success.

In high school Jordan Burroughs was ranked the 52nd senior in high school, which shows that hard work and persistence pays off. Not only did he struggle through high school, but he struggled through high school as well. Jordan suffered from many knee injuries and even broke his ankle during practice. Despite his injuries he still continued to wrestle. Through all this pain Jordan pushed and pursued his dream and reached success. He became one of the best wrestlers in this generation and is well known all around the world.