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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

By Angelica Castro
Courier Staff Writer
For all women and men; different age, color, height, and weight are perceived to need to have a certain physique to feel attractive. Itís the way beauty departments make their money off the insecurities that we all have. Itís the amount of masculinity someone has to have to be called a ďmanĒ. Itís the one thing that I donít understand.

The beauty of people is something that is easy for me to see. Why is it so hard for the people to see that they are good enough themselves? I donít mean to come off as some sort of feminist, which is sometimes looked down upon with certain people, but itís something iím genuinely confused about.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

by Sean Stewart, Staff Editor

Monday night saw the long awaited return of the critically acclaimed comedy series "Louie" on FX. As a long time fan of series creator Louis C.K. and the stand up comedy he does, it was well worth the 19 month wait. Minor spoilers after the cut.

The new season started strong and stayed that way throughout the hour (something new this season is that there will be back-to-back episodes every Monday night). Whether it was Louie being woken up abruptly by the weekly garbage crew who eventually crash in through the windows of Louie's apartment literally trashing the place, Louie being invited to a heart disease benefit hosted by Jerry Seinfeld who guest starred, completely tanking when trying to keep his stand up clean embarrassing himself in the process, or being sued by a wealthy family having to pay $5,000 a week for the rest of his life, Louie knew how to keep fans entertained throughout.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Courier Staff Report

At the end of March in 2014, The Courier suffered a devatating data loss due to an issue between our hosting service, Agent Black Hosting, and the internet service provider who's services Agent Black resells.

According to Agent Black's owner, James Miller, the service provider simply deleted The Courier from their servers. Miller said that the service provider, which is located overseas, claimed to have sent him email warning him of the deletion before it occurred, but Miller said his email records contain no such message.

Due to a cascading series of technical glitches which followed, none of The Courier's back-up files are usable due to version incompatabilities.

However, some of the lost data, which includes all The Courier's stories since 2006, may be recoverable story-by-story.

We will post these stories and other Courier features currently lost, as we can. Please bear with us as we re-establish ourselves.