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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

By Tiffany Chau
Courier Staff Writer

The anger of 800,000 Hong Kong protestors ensued, when Chinese authorities revoked the decision to grant universal suffrage in 2017. It was supposed to be the first year that Hong Kong citizens could elect its own leader. However, Beijing’s new decision dictates that the candidates selected by each of Hong Kong’s five million citizens must be approved by a committee of Beijing loyalists. The selected candidates must prove their love towards China and Hong Kong, in order to ensure their loyalty.

Li Fei, deputy security general of the National People’s Congress Standing Committee (NPC) states: “The right to vote is not a universal human right, it is a political right. Who has the right to vote varies from country to country. It is granted through each country’s laws, not by birth”. Li Fei asserts that granting Hong Kong the right to openly select its own leader would lead to a “chaotic society”

Sunday, September 28, 2014

By Shahira Mawlavizada
Courier Staff Writer

Stephanie Papas is a teacher at Logan and was instrumental in obtaining the Chromebook covers for the ICL or Institute of Community Leaders
JLC: How many did you order at first?
P: We ordered about 1000.

JLC: How many chromebook covers have you sold?
P: So far, about eight hundred.

JLC: How many chromebook covers are left?
P: Two hundred

Friday, September 26, 2014

By Keyanna Sutton
Courier Staff Writer

In the history of fashion their has been unseemly fashion trends of all times for females and males. The latest and attractive female trends is the Eighties Revival, The Statement Scarf which is Marc Jacobs latest fashion of genius, Fresh Faces, D & G, Balenciago, look - alike wigs, Calvin Klien, Rebel Gems from Anna Sheffields jewelry packs, Legging Jeans, Distressed Jeans, Proenza Schouler, Rachel Roy’ s funky - fresh and wallet friendly new line, High School Phenom, Collectible T - Shirts, Generation Next from Moises, The Military Jacket by the King 0f POP - the late great Michael Jackson - Glam Military Jackets, and the New Boot.

These fashion trends for females that is said is from Teen Vogue’ s fashion trends. The hottest NYFW trend from is a Thong Skirt. A Thong Skirt is a trend that you can wear if you want to look hot, sophisticated, beautiful, sexy, and attractive anytime you want. The people that I have interviewed about the attractive and best fashion trends of all times for females is Bohemian Headbands, flared shirt dresses, wedged heels, and thigh high boots from my first interviewer, Ronnie Oatis. My second interviewer, Aaliyah Vierra’s opinion is high waisted jeans, crop tops, sweaters, and Combat Boots. My third interviewer’s opinion,Diana River, is pattern leggings and pastel colors. My fourth interviewer, Sasha Carter’s opinion is knitted cardigans, high waisted pants, and hammer pants. I think high waisted pants is the best female fashion trends of all times. My fifth interviewer,Darrin Baluyot is what your comfortable with. My sixth interviewer, Shaira Mawlavizada opinion is conservative/modest clothing, long skirts, necklaces, and lofter shoes. My last interviewer, Denis Chavez opinion is attractive fashion trends of all times for females is long nice skirts, dressy pants, and slang sleeve shirts.

By Ryan San Diego
Courier Staff Writer


In James Logan High School, every generation always have a talent star/stars, which ever talent it may be, it can be; Dancing, singing, drawing and all other naturally gifted talents.

This is Taryn Reyes, a dancer, and one of the becoming star in James Logan High School for class 2019. Taryn has been automatically put into a Advance Dance and skipped beginning dance class and intermediate dance class for being what they believe expert dancer. Taryn knows plenty kind of dancing, Likewise, hiphop, popping, locking, tahitian, tap dancing and ballet.
By: Elijah Permito
Courier Staff Writer

The Maze Runner was released on September 19, 2014. It was originally published as a teen book on October 6, 2009 and later became a movie directed by Wes Ball. This movie became popular after the release of Divergent, another similar teen book with similar style and ideas. The Maze Runner received good reviews and positive feedback and is currently rated 7.7 out of 10. Many teens seemed to favor this movie and its creative, well thought out plot.

This movie stars Dylan O’brien a well known american actor. He’s more well known for playing the role of Stiles Stillinski in the well known t.v show Teen Wolf. Dylan O’brien plays the main actor, Thomas. In this movie Thomas is brought into a place called Glade, with no memories except of his name. Glade is populated by others of the same age, and is surrounded by a gigantic maze. In this maze are dangerous machines known as Grievers. Every once in a while people known as runners explore the maze. As days pass by Thomas is later put in situation where he chooses to explore the deep secrets of the maze or stay in Glade.
By Leilani Neal
Courier Staff Writer

A great date night movie that has been out in theaters for a little while and will soon be coming to DVD is the hit comedy, Let's Be Cops!

Let's Be Cops is a super funny movie to watch with a loved one or on a date. This movie will bring laughs that will make your stomach hurt and make you squeal in excitement as familiar faces of the great actors we know show up on screen.

A familiar beautiful face that we all know is the actress, Nina Doberv,(Elena Gilbert, The Vampire Diaries) who plays the role of Jossie (the main character's love interest, Damon Waynes Jr). Dobrev talks about how fun it is to be apart of the film! She compares the great carefree vibe of the set to her show, "whereas on the TVD set its so serious and bloody... It's so different from Let's Be Cops..."

By Diana Rivera
Courier Staff Writer

On September 9, Apple held a conference introducing their new generation of the iPhone. The press conference revealed information regarding release dates, the iPhone 6’s physical appearance, new features, and updates. Some of the new features include a 4.7 inch display, retina HD resolution, with 1334 by 750 pixels providing 326 pixels per inch and a wider angle of view. The new iPhone will be available in three colors: gold, silver, and space grey. It will be available in stores September 19. Starting September 17, you’ll be able to get Apple’s newest iOS software update, iOS 8. The iPhone 6, of course, will already have it preinstalled. It is with great enthusiasm that loyal Apple customers await the coming of the iPhone 6.
By Christian Aguilar
Courier Staff Writer

As the group stage for groups A and B come to an end the four teams that advanced to the quarter finals are Star Horn Royal Club (China), Team Solo Mid (North America), Edward Gaming (China), and lastly the fan favorite Samsung White (Korea).

The quarter finals matches consist of Team Solo Mid vs Samsung White & Star Horn Royal Club vs Edward Gaming. For all the NA fans rooting for TSM, the hope that they have for TSM to make it to the finals must have been diminished due to the loss against SK Gaming (EU). I say this because since TSM lost they are now 2nd seed in their group meaning that they will face the 1st seed of Group A who is Samsung White, highly skilled team from Korea. TSM’s shocking loss vs SK Gaming is now forcing them to work a lot harder to keep that TSM hope alive for all the NA fans.
By Wahab Ahmady
Courier Staff Writer

With the upcoming release of the new Monster Hunter game for the 3DS and Wii U. It seems appropriate to review the already released Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

This game is an extension to Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii. In Japan the Monster Hunter series is a huge sensation, with festivals and conventions and huge replicas of the monsters and dragons in the series. The concept of the game is simple; kill huge monsters, harvest their scales and materials, and make awesome weapons and armor out of it. These monsters take around 15-40 minutes to hunt, depending on your skill level.

There are a huge variety of weapons, from Great Swords, Dual Blades, to explosive guns. The main objective is to keep upgrading your weapons and armor to hunt bigger and tougher monsters.

By Abdullah Ayyaz
Courier Staff Writer

On September 9, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook revealed the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6-plus, but not only that, Cook also revealed the new Apple Watch. The Watch is an apple made smar****ch that was shown with a new dial called the crown, close integration with iCloud, siri, and a flexible sapphire display.

“Apple introduced the world to several defining products, the Mac, iPod, iPhone, and iPad” says Apple CEO Tim Cook in a press release. “And once again Apple is poised to captivate the world with a revolutionary product that can enrich people’s lives. Its the most personal product we’ve ever made”

When is the apple watch coming out?

The Watch doesn’t have a release date yet, but what we know is that it should be available early 2015 as mentioned in the press release. Apple Ceo Tim cook comments ”its worth the wait”.

Watch designs and features

The apple watch has a dial on the side much like all other watches, but its not just that. Apple calls it the “digital crown”. The digital crown has a sensor that detects the movement and stores the data. it will be the main function for the apple watch rather than the screen itself. You will be able to scroll, zoom, and navigate through the crown as well. The digital crown also acts like a home button and also the well known “black man rick”.

The apple watch has two different screen sizes. One screen measures 38mm tall and the second edition measures 42mm tall. The flexible retina display of the apple watch is made from a single crystal of sapphire, or if you go for a sports edition watch, it will be a strong ion-x glass. This display is designed to detect force as well. The Apple watch will activate its display when your wrist is in movement.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

By Angelica Castro
Courier Staff Writer
For all women and men; different age, color, height, and weight are perceived to need to have a certain physique to feel attractive. It’s the way beauty departments make their money off the insecurities that we all have. It’s the amount of masculinity someone has to have to be called a “man”. It’s the one thing that I don’t understand.

The beauty of people is something that is easy for me to see. Why is it so hard for the people to see that they are good enough themselves? I don’t mean to come off as some sort of feminist, which is sometimes looked down upon with certain people, but it’s something i’m genuinely confused about.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

By Jessica Esquibel
Courier Staff Writer

Are you looking for a club to join? Want to find a club where you will have many opportunities to get community service hours? Want to learn more about the Mexican culture and make some new friends? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then M.E.Ch.A. is your club!

Their meetings consist of planning things for future events during the school year, going on field trips, and working together to make a difference to the community. The club teaches leadership, self and group respect, and helps keep our education in focus.
By Amber McGee
Courier Staff Writer

If you’re looking for a relatively short book that has pirates, magic, assassins, and a few plot holes, this is the book for you.

The Assassin’s Curse is Cassandra Rose Clark’s first book, and for a debut novel it’s pretty good. The idea behind the book is solid and the summary captures interest from the very beginning. Unfortunately, the promises the summary makes are barely met during the course of the actual story.

Ananna is the daughter of a prominent pirate clan, and when she runs away from an arranged marriage the humiliated family of the groom sends an assassin after her. It’s a big overreaction in my opinion, but hey, pirates. Even they have a code of honor.

When she is cornered by the assassin in the desert, Ananna is forced to use magic that she earlier bought from a shady street vendor. While her mom is well versed in magic Ananna is not, and in the midst of her casting something goes wrong. She does manage to save herself from the attack, but after that night she ends up magically bound to the very man sent to kill her.
By Eli Permito
Courier Staff Writer

How does one become one become a international freestyling champion? Through hard work, hours of suffering and dedication. Jordan Burroughs received about 17 awards just for international freestyle wrestling. Not only is he a two time NCAA champion, he is a three time all american who qualified for the NCAA four times. Many young wrestlers look up to Jordan Burroughs as a role model and for guidance in search for success.

In high school Jordan Burroughs was ranked the 52nd senior in high school, which shows that hard work and persistence pays off. Not only did he struggle through high school, but he struggled through high school as well. Jordan suffered from many knee injuries and even broke his ankle during practice. Despite his injuries he still continued to wrestle. Through all this pain Jordan pushed and pursued his dream and reached success. He became one of the best wrestlers in this generation and is well known all around the world.

By Kyla Laquian
Courier Staff Writer

With an hour left of class to go, scrutinizing the clock, teenage girls across the world hungrily wait in anticipation for the final bell to ring; once it has rung, it is a daunting prospect, as all seem to simultaneously pull something out of their bags, and no, it is not a ticking time bomb with Mac Lip Stick attached to it; nor is it a hand grenade filled with the latest edition of explosives in "Revlon Compact Powder." It is a cell phone, and more specifically, a smart phone capable of the power to take a snapshot of the most striking and most potent weapon of all: themselves.

The reasons behind the new generation's obsession with "the selfie" and its relevance, however, is not just skin deep; our efficient yet stratified society pushes people to feel they must live up to a higher standard, and selfies help a person feel they are meeting that standard. Selfies also help an individual compensate for any insecurities they may have, and in this technologically fast paced society we now live in, selfies are a means of more personalized connection with friends and family, where the virtual world is now one in the same as the natural world.